Electronic Equipment Calibration

Electrical construction blueprint or diagrams, multimeter for measurement in electrical installation and accessories for engineer jobs

National Calibration Inc. (NCI) calibrates, repairs and sells electronic measuring equipment. We maintain standards to calibrate a broad range of electronic equipment. Directly connected to GPS, NCI has frequency capability along with voltage calibration on dielectric rubidium reference testers and hypots, phase meters and power supplies up to 25 kilovolts.

These services are available via our mobile on-site field service. See how you can track your items via our online tracking service. You can Request a quote online.

Our Capabilities List:

*AC Devcies
*Capacitance Meter
*Current Shunt
*Data Acquisition
*Distortion Analyzer

*Electronic Load
*ESD Monitor
*Fuel Quantity
*Ground Tester
*LCR Meter

*Milliohm Tester
*Network Analyzer
*Phase Rotation
*Power Supply
*Pulse Generator

*Safety Analyzer
*Spectrum Analyzer
*Watt Meter
*Battery Charger

*Clamp-on Meter
*EGT Test Set
*EGT Mat
*Frequency Meter
*Hot Stick

*Load Bank
*Power Analyzer
*Process Calibrator

*Resistance Meter
*Signal Generator
*Synthesized Function *Voltmeter
*Wrist Strap Tester

Why Choose Us


NCI's professional technician's service and repair a wide variety of instrumentation and measuring devices in strict compliance with applicable industry standards.

Calibration Industry Service Leader

Fortune 500 clients and thousands of valued small clients have relied on NCI for decades, due to our accuracy of calibration, short turnaround time and competitive pricing.

Industry Competitive Rates

NCI provides regular, on-site service with discount fees for many cities in the Southwest. For the best rates, ask us when we'll be in your area.

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