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On-Site Services

On-Site - Mobile Services

In addition to National Calibration’s comprehensive laboratory services. Our technicians and fleet of vans are equipped to provide calibration at your facility, field laboratory or job site location. NCI recognizes the importance of completing calibrations as quickly as possible to minimize workflow disruptions.

NCI provides on-site calibration anywhere in the United States. Our internet tracking system provides access to your records and certifications. With on-site calibration, you avoid extended downtime, shipping costs and potential shipping damage. Coordinate your calibration needs with our NCI team and compare savings.

To get started with on-site calibration, have the following information available when you call and we can schedule an on-site appointment:

  1. List of equipment to be calibrated
  2. Type of service required (if ISO/IEC 17025 calibration or accredited calibrations, please specify)
  3. Complete a new client form if you are not a current NCI client
  4. On-site contact name, telephone and email of escort person
  5. Identify a work area large enough for required number of NCI technicians to perform the job safely and efficiently.

Detailed On-Site Checklist

  1. Send a list of instruments to be calibrated and your Purchase Order (PO) number to NCI. The list should contain make, model, serial number, and description information for all items that are to be serviced during the on-site. This documentation is required to ensure you obtain the correct service and meet the requirements of ISO 9001; ISO/IEC 17025 and/or ANSI/NCSL-Z540-1-1994. All include wording similar to ISO 9001 which states “purchasing information shall describe the product to be purchased, where appropriate:
    a) requirements for approval of product, procedures, processes and equipment,
    b) requirements for qualification of personnel, and
    c) quality management system requirements.”
    Include the need for accredited service (where applicable) by including the words “A2LA Accredited Calibration” on the PO.


  1. If you get a recall notice, review and confirm it for accuracy prior to scheduling items for on-site calibration.


  1. Our technicians will come prepared to calibrate items that are on the service order generated from your list. Items added after the technicians arrive on-site, or for which inadequate information was provided for initially, may require some items to be either taken to the NCI laboratory for calibration or re-scheduled for an additional on-site. This may result in extra cost and delay. Items taken back to a NCI laboratory will be placed in line behind equipment awaiting calibration in-house unless they were on the initial service order.


  1. Call one of the numbers at the bottom of the page to arrange for an on-site through our on-site coordinator.


  1. Communicate to the on-site coordinator any special conditions at your facility such as Work Hours; Hazardous Conditions; Limited Access; etc…


  1. Coordinate with your instrument users and arrange for access to the equipment and workspace on the scheduled days.


  1. Make any necessary security arrangements for our technicians.


  1. Our calibration technicians will need a safe, clean, well-lit area with 115V A/C electrical power and stable temperature conditions, within the specified operating ranges of the equipment being calibrated and the standards used for calibration. Extreme environmental conditions may delay/prevent the completion of calibrations as scheduled.


  1. Shut down and/or break down the equipment as necessary for calibration, and provide safe access for NCI technicians. If equipment is not available for calibration, it may result in additional days being needed.


  1. Provide a point of contact to efficiently supply the instruments to the technicians for calibration during the scheduled day(s) to expedite the calibration process.


Some calibrations cannot be accomplished on-site due to temperature considerations, NCI standards, or service scope limitations. These issues can be resolved by our NCI service team. We want your on-site experience to be satisfactory. If you have any concerns, please contact us.