Frequently Asked Questions

National Calibration Inc. (NCI) strives to provide our customers with answers to their common questions. Select questions below to see their answers.

1. What are NCI's hours of operation?

2. How long will I be without my equipment (what's the turnaround time)?

3. Is NCI accredited and current?

4. Can I ship equipment to NCI, and have it shipped back?

5. Does NCI perform "On-Site" calibration?

6. Does NCI have an On-Site checklist?

7. What happens if equipment I send in can't be calibrated?

8. If my equipment can't be calibrated, can NCI assist me in getting a replacement?

9. How do I know my equipment was calibrated?

10. What is Traceability?

11. What is Metrology?

12. What is Uncertainty?

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