Tracking System - Independent On-Line Records

National Calibration Inc. (NCI) subscribes to CalHub™, an independent on-line calibration tracking and record keeping service - eliminating many data storage and tracking hassles.

When NCI performs calibrations, CalHub™ automatically updates item calibration information and recall dates. Clients obtain a password allowing access to their equipment calibration history and reports. This service assists in eliminating the burden of equipment tracking. NCI leverages tools and services like CalHub™ to help the client become more effective, efficient and responsive to their calibration needs.

CalHub™ record keeping is completely on-line. Clients receive timely reminders of recall dates of each instrument or device calibrated. Regardless of the frequency or nature of your calibration needs - with CalHub™ you can maintain the integrity of your quality control system.

CalHub™ subscribers may achieve additional savings by submitting a service requisition each time equipment needs service.

A Certificate of Calibration is your only proof that an instrument is maintained and measuring per manufacturer requirements. Up-to-date calibration certificates provide:

  • Proof of calibration for quality audits
  • Traceability to national or international standards
  • Detailed measurement data that proves your equipment meets its measurement specifications
  • Proof that calibration was performed in accordance with appropriate standards

Not All Calibration Certificates Are Equal
To provide a benefit - a calibration certificate must at a minimum - identify the instrument calibrated; provide proof of traceability; identify the environmental conditions that existed during calibration; and identify that calibration conformed to a quality standard.

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